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Blithe Femme (previously titled Scarlett's Scrap of Sassafras) is the second iteration of my personal website which I use and plan to use for a whole bunch of things, with the only real connective tissue between them being me. As it is right now, there's bloggy things, creative work that I drop, and some things that feel more like a personal journal. I'm leaving my options open, this can go anywhere.

Your Webmaster

Otherwise an anxious trans socialist vegetarian straight-edge lesbian who wants to be sincere and warm above all else.

I'm interested in free culture, anime, literature, hip hop, computing history, folk music, interactive fiction, esoteric online communities, tea, feminism, anti-racism, Romanticism, and rural americana.

I love you.

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email - - Please feel free to contact me. I enjoy actually using email for conversation, and I don't get enough chances to do so.

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Pixelfed - Whom

Neocities - Blithe Femme - Whom

rateyourmusic - MsWhom

Letterboxd - sehwho

LibraryThing - Whom.

Anilist - Whom

Discord (regrettably) - Whom#3057